Staring Can be a Form of Harassment

Aug 2019


Avoid the antagonizing laser-like stares of strangers on the subway and shoot icy glares back at 'em to show 'em what for! Survive your daily commute through the city.



Staring was commissioned by Playcrafting as part of PlayNYC's Graffiti Games program, which aims to celebrate and highlight diversity in the game dev community.

I created Staring to bring awareness to how common it is for trans people to be the target of hateful staring and how shitty that can feel. Yes, even somewhere as progressive as New York City.

But despite the heavy subject matter, I had a goal of not making a game that would just bum people out. I exhibit games to have fun with people! So I reimagined the whole situation as a cute twitch twinstick shooter.


Staring was shown at Play NYC 2019. As part of the exhibit, my coexhibitor Matt Lepage and I used metal wire and black tissue paper to transform our booth and the surronding area into a mass of staring eyes, the majority of which were hand-drawn by our wondefully artistic players.

Dan Butchko@DanButchko

Aug 10, 2019

Players enjoyed the game for being easy to pick-up-and-play and notable praise was given to the sound effects, which were all supplied courtesy of my good friend Tim Froehlich. The game's soundscape is composed entirely of Tim's own verbal "boops" and "beeps"; it is a very unique-sounding game.

Over the two days of exhibition, Staring inspired numerous conversations about the discomfort caused by excessive staring. I'm super glad it was able to serve as a vehicle for spreading awareness and empathy!