Juggle Panic

Sole Developer / Mar 2018


A two-player juggling extravaganza! The first player to drop five balls loses, with many alternate game modes that add some variety to the mix.

How to Play

Left Player

  • S + F: Move
  • Left Shift: Toss

Right Player

  • Left + Right: Move
  • N: Toss


Juggle Panic was developed for an indie multiplayer game night hosted by DBAA in New York City. It was created over the course of three weeks with the goal of making a fun non-violent local multiplayer game.

The game has some fun lil bouncy animated menus that I'm proud of. No reason for it other than it being fun to build.

My favorite tid-bit: some players would blame the game if they didn't catch a ball ("I totally caught that!"). So I added a little arrow that appears whenever a ball hits the ground, so that players have more feedback on where the ball was when they failed to catch it... except the arrow is always drawn a bit further away from the player than it should be. The screenshake hides the deception and gets players to more often accept that they missed the ball.


Kids love it. At every convention where I've exhibited Juggle Panic, I've had at least one kid drag their parent back to the booth to play again. It's extreeeeemely cute.

Juggle Panic was listed in 10 Non-Violent Multiplayer Games that Aren't Sports-Related by the wonderful Jupiter Hadley.