Emoji Surgeon

Jan 2020


An ARG that took place on Twitter @emoji_surgeon during Global Game Jam 2020. Followers of the Twitter account assisted in an emoji-based surgery by responding to tweets.


Matt Lepage, Sean Park, Ayla Myers


For Global Game Jam 2020, we decided to make a Twitter ARG (because why not?)

Together we came up with the tone, conventions, and rules we'd follow and formed that into a design document. The game would be about performing surgery on a fictional patient via tweets. All three of us then managed and posted to the Twitter account over the course of the game jam (while other teams were busy trying to finish their gamesโ€”ha!)


Emoji Surgeon received the "We don't know what to do with it but we like it" award from a panel of judges at the NYU Game Center! We are proud and honored!

Emoji Surgeon@emoji_surgeon

Feb 2, 2020

It was an extremely cute little project!