8 Legs to Love

Sole Developer / Jun 2017


Spin an elaborate web, catch bugs, and eat 'em for points! 8 Legs to Love is separated into six levels of just over two minutes each.

How to Play

  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • Hold Z: Spin web
  • Tap Z: Attach web


8 Legs to Love is the first game I ever felt I "completed" and also my first PICO-8 game. I worked on it in my free time over six months and released it on itch.io.

The levels in the game are constructed using 8x8 tiles, but each tile is given an in-memory mask that controls which of its pixels are solid/climbable, which was fun to build.

The strands of web are just chains of points that pull towards each other. Strands can snap if pulled too far apart, which uses a modified Hooke's law to get it feeling nice and webby.

The game was originally intended to be a pseudo dating game, hence the title. Between levels, you'd be approached by a suitor and have the choice of chatting with them or eating them. I had to drop it because it couldn't all fit in one PICO-8 cart, but the name remains!