I make games and schtuff!

A pixel art self-portrait.

My name's Ayla Myers and I'm an independent game designer and developer based in New York City! I spend my time creating delightful games that I think are missing from the world.

Lately I've been building high-quality PICO-8 games, streaming game development on Twitch, creating beginner-friendly game dev tutorials on YouTube, engaging with the local NYC indie dev community, and showcasing games at industry events such as PAX East!

When I'm not making games, I often find work as a software engineer and tech lead. You can find my professional résumé here.

Feel free to get in touch if:

  • You want to collaborate on a game or art installation
  • You'd like to commission a game or piece of pixel art
  • You're getting started in game development and would like guidance or feedback
  • You know of any exciting opportunities that I'd be a good fit for
  • You just wanna talk about games and whatnot!

So basically, you're welcome to contact me if you think I can help in any way!


I get a lot of energy and joy from giving talks, leading workshops, teaching classes, and sitting on panels! Here are some recent or upcoming events that I've participated in:

  • Gettin' Started Makin' Games at Catskills Conf
  • Procedural Landscape Generation Workshop at Never Graduate Week
  • The joys of PICO-8 token crunching!! at !!con [recording]
  • "Oh No" Moments at Women in Games with Playcrafting
  • Meet & Code Pair Programming Workshop at the Recurse Center [slides]
  • Wave Function Collapse at Code As Craft: WomEnby Tech [slides]
  • Networking Real-Time Multiplayer Games at QueensJS [slides]
  • Makin' Pixel Art at Etsy [slides]

If you're looking for speakers in the spaces of indie game development, pixel art, fantasy consoles, LGBTQ issues, or the intersection of all of these, then please reach out!