Hello! My name's Ayla Myers (she/her) a.k.a. bridgs! I'm a freelance and indie game developer based in Brooklyn, NY. I make colorful, gameplay-centric, pixel-y, retro-y games!


Lil Things


You can find a complete list of my talks on my professional résumé.


Please feel free to reach out if:

  • You're a kindred spirit in the game scene and want to geek out about games and art and such.
  • You're gettin' into game development and could use some friendly advice or encouragement.
  • You're a fellow lovely queer person lookin' for community!
  • You'd like to discuss a game dev opportunity that I might be a good fit for.

I am available for part-time game development or creative work. I'm happy to jump into an existing project or start building your game from scratch. I have a particular fondness for working with smaller groups of folks on smaller indie projects. You can find my professional résumé here.

You can email me at bridgs.dev@gmail.com or message me on Twitter @bridgs_dev

Please reach out and say hello!