Hello! My name's Ayla Myers (she/her) a.k.a. bridgs. I'm an indie game developer based in Brooklyn, NY. I make colorful, gameplay-centric, pixel-y, retro-y games. If you're interested in working together, please reach out!




Multiplayer Game Networking: The Brute Force Approach

Deconstruct 2019

How would you go about writing multiplayer netcode from scratch? Join me on a ten year journey of failure and fun!

Watch the recording (23m07s)

Let's expand the meaning of game feel!!

!!Con 2019

What are the weirdest things we can do in the name of game feel? Let's break our games to make 'em feel better!

Watch the recording (11m12s)

The joys of PICO-8 token crunching!!

!!Con 2018

Making games is hard. Making games with a limited number of sprites, sounds, and lines of code is... mind boggling, actually.

Watch the recording (10m13s)

Other recent talks and events:

  • Thesis Review at Parsons School of Design (2019)
  • Artist Visit at Hunter College (2019)
  • PRIDE Panel with Playcrafting (2019)
  • Gettin' Started Makin' Games (Catskills Conf 2018)
  • Procedural Landscape Generation (2018)
  • Pair Programming Workshop (2018)
  • 'Oh No' Moments in Games (Women in Games 2018)
  • Networking Real-Time Multiplayer Games (QueensJS 2017)
  • Wave Function Collapse (WomEnby Tech 2017)
  • Pixel Art Workshop at Etsy (2016)
  • Animation Workshop at Etsy (2016)


Please feel free to reach out if:

  • You have a game dev opportunity you'd like to discuss or are lookin' to commission a game.
  • You know of a speaking opportunity that I might be a good fit for.
  • You're gettin' into game development and could use some friendly advice or encouragement.
  • You're a kindred spirit in the game dev or art scene and want to geek out about games and art and such.
  • You're a fellow lovely queer person lookin' for community!

You can email me at bridgs.dev@gmail.com or message me on Twitter @bridgs_dev